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World-class presentation by Lashes by Ann: Setting the future industry standards

  • Promoting professionalism in the lash industry as the top 5% wage earners in the US
  • Completely innovation organization
  • Performance traking with real-time data

Look no further: Lash stylists work at Lashes by Ann can achieve the US's national average of the top 5% wager earner income!


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Thinh Nguyen/Ann Pham

Direct: (832)-814-3125


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Galleria (started 2020)

Montrose (started 2013)

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>$3 Millions

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Houston, TX: Montrose & Galleria

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Lashes by Ann

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Lashes by Ann

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Lashes by Ann

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ann pham lashesbyann

Ann Pham and Thinh Nguyen, the Founders


Ann Pham and Thinh Nguyen stand out as prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders within the eyelash extensions industry in Texas.

In contrast to other business leaders, Ann actively collaborates with her technicians and personally caters to her long-term clients. She meticulously interviews and hires each technician at Lashes by Ann, ensuring they receive proper training and earn top income.

Thinh Nguyen, on the other hand, works alongside his customer service team while developing a state-of-the-art website, booking, and text message app. This all-in-one solution has consistently ranked Lashes by Ann on the first page of Google search since 2014. The technology used is entirely in-house, with real-time information presented to visitors.

Ann and Thinh share a common goal — to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those associated with Lashes by Ann. Most of their partners earn within the top 5% of average annual wages in the U.S.

Lashes by Ann

For the best eyelash extensions salon in Houston, Texas, look no further than Lashes by Ann. Established by Ann Pham in 2013, it has become the salon of choice.

With over 530 five-star reviews on Yelp and over 450 on Google as of December 2023, Lashes by Ann has earned a reputation as a leader in the eyelash extension industry. Since December 2013, they have served over 250,000 appointments, approximately 35,000 appointments annually, and have over 20,000 active registered customers.

Google reports around 1,000 searches for Lashes by Ann daily, consistently ranking on the first page. Their impressive website features a cost calculator, search for next openings, and online booking.

Specializing solely in eyelash extension services, Lashes by Ann dedicates all talents and resources to ensuring prompt and thorough service to satisfy clients completely. Currently, 93% of their business comes from returning customers, with only 7% being new customers each month.

They own and manage their website, online booking software, and text message software system, handling approximately 1,500,000 text messages annually.

Their philosophy revolves around valuing relationships with clients as the most crucial aspect of their business. Ann Pham serves as the founder of Lashes by Ann.

Ann's "Dream" Team (as of December of 2023):

  • Ann: Over 33,963 appointments served

  • Natalie: Over 18,895 appointments served

  • Megan: Over 19,579 appointments served

  • Gina: Over 15,262 appointments served

  • Emily: Over 12,231 appointments served

  • Michelle: Over 18,489 appointments served

  • Evie: Over 11,291 appointments served

  • Mila: Over 11,681 appointments served

  • Erin: Over 5,170 appointments served

  • Kim: Over 6,357 appointments served

  • Mindy: Over 4,489 appointments served

  • Lauren: Over 3,473 appointments served

  • Ashley: 784 appointmenta served - Recently joined

  • Hailey: 387 appointments served - Recently joined

Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen, Ann's husband, with a diverse background in engineering, finance, insurance, security alarms, and cellular phones, has dedicated his time to develop scheduler and text message software owned by Scheduling Power, LLC. Over 250,000 appointments were booked, and text communication was used to interact with customers.

Thinh's Customer Service "Dream" Team:

  • Thinh Nguyen

  • Thomas (Natalie's husband): Pharmacy background

  • Tim (Megan's husband): Accounting background

  • Tai (Gina's husband): Business background

  • Nathan (Mila's husband): Business background

  • Duc (Evie's husband): Business background

Partnership and Franchise Opportunities: Lashes by Ann offers partnership and franchise opportunities throughout the United States.

Our Mission: Lashes by Ann’s mission is to offer effortless appointment booking, rescheduling, and cancellation. Their service is 100% guaranteed to remind clients of what exceptional service truly entails, exceeding expectations regardless of the service.

Our Commitment: Lashes by Ann is committed to providing unparalleled customer service with extensive open hours, from 7 AM to 8 PM Monday through Sunday, except Wednesday.

Our Goal: Lashes by Ann aims to exceed customer expectations at affordable pricing.

Locations: They currently have two locations: Montrose/Midtown - 415 Westheimer Rd., Suite 208, Houston, TX 77006, and Galleria/Uptown - 5000 Westheimer Rd., Suite 154, Houston, TX 77056.

Our Team