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Ann Pham, the Founder


If you are looking for an eyelash extensions salon, you do not have to look further.  Lashes by Ann was found by Ann Pham in 2013 and is the salon of choice.


Lashes by Ann has earned the reputation as the leader in the eyelash extension industry with 436 five star reviews on Yelp and 207 on Google as of January 5 of 2020.  Also, we have served over 125,000 appointments which are approximately 30,000 appointments a year, since November of 2013 and have 12,500 active registered customers.


In fact, Google reports daily. it has 2,000 searches for Lashes by Ann.  We have been on the first page of Google since day one due to impressive websites with remarkable features such as cost calculator, search for next openings and online booking.


We specialize in eyelash extension services and nothing else.  That means we dedicate all of our talents and resources to your eyelash extension service.  We commit our work to serve each appointment promptly. Our service is performed thoroughly and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.


We currently have 93% of our business with returning customers, and only 7% are new customers coming to our salons monthly.


We have designed, developed and own our website, which is located at www.lashesbyann.com. We also developed and own proprietary online booking software.  In fact, we have approximately 14% of 5.300 appointments booked online on an annual basis.


Besides, we developed and own out text message software system, that is automated for the convenience of our clients.  We manage approximately 1,500,000 text messages a year.


All of our eyelash extension technicians are consistently rated very high and have worked hard to serve our clients.


We have had over 400,000 visitors to our website since July 2014.


We focus primarily on providing a 5-star eyelash extension service to all of our customers.   We have completed 100% of the correction work to be done, and this has happened immediately at no cost to our customers.


Our philosophy is that we value the relationship with our clients as the most important factor in our business.  We believe that if there is no relationship, there is no business.


Ann Pham

Founder, Lashes by Ann


Ann's "Dream" Team:

Ann, herself has served over 24,000 appointments.

Natalie has served over 9,000 appointments.

Megan has served over 5,400 appointments

Gina has served over 4,300 appointmnets.

Emily has served over 2,000 appointments


Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen is Ann's husband.  With diversified background in engineering, finance, insurance, security alarm and celluar phones, he has dedicated his time to develope the scheduler and text message softwares owned by Scheduling Power, LLC.  A good recognized landmark is over 125,000 appointments were booked and text communication was used to interact with customers.


Thinh's Customer Service "Dream" Team:

Thinh Nguyen leads our customer service team.  Our team includes:

Thomas (Natalie's husband) with phamarcy background

Tim (Megan's husband) with accounting background

Tai (Gina's husband) with business background


Partnership and Franchise Opportunities

Lashes by Ann offers partnership and franchises opportunities throughout the United Sates.


Our Mission

Lashes by Ann’s mission is to offer effortless appointment booking, rescheduling as well as cancellation.  Our service is 100% guaranteed that will remind you what “service” really is all about.  Regardless of your service, whether your’re here for lash removal or a full set of eyelashes, Lashes by Ann’s staff will strive to exceed your expectation.


Our Commitment

Besides quality of our work, Lashes by Ann is committed to provide second to none customer service with our extensive open hours, from 7 AM to 8 PM Monday through Sunday, except Wednesday.


Our goal

Lashes by Ann’s goal is to exceed its customers' expectations at an affordable pricing.